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    • How is semi-annual Pest Control possible?

      Our many years of experience and our vast knowledge of treatments allow us to deliver superior results on a semi-annual basis.

    • Why do I need Pest Control?
      We believe that every creature has its place in nature, but not in your home. The moment they cross into your home, they become a nuisance. We believe in providing recurring regular pest control to ensure continual peace of mind.
    • Why is the regular service you perform only for roaches and ants?
      Our regular service entails spraying for and warrantying roaches and ants because those are the two most common pests you are likely to have an issue with in your home.
    • What if I am having problems with another pest not included in the regular service?
      We provide additional services for bed bugs, spiders, fleas, ticks, etc as needed on a case-by-case basis for a separate charge. We do not believe in charging you on a regular basis for a pest we consider an occasional problem.
    • Why do you offer a 3 month warranty for German Roaches?
      For German Roaches, we may start that out with a 3-month warranty, just to ensure we are out there more often as German Roaches like to multiply rather quickly. Once we get them under control, we may extend that to a 6-month warranty.
    • Why are rental properties given a 3 month warranty instead of 6?
      Historically, we have found it harder to maintain control at rental properties due to the variety of pests that may appear during the exchange of revolving tenancy.
    • What is the Tubes in Wall System? What are the benefits?
      The Tube in Wall System is a network of tubes installed during the building of your home that allows us the opportunity to treat the interior wall voids. Using a machine we are able to provide an alternative method to treating your home for roaches and ants, delivering the same superior results and warranty.
    • Do you treat yards?
      If you are having problems with fire ants, fleas, ticks…. yes! We do not provide any fertilization or lawn maintenance at this time.
    • Do you treat for rodents?
      We leverage several techniques when it comes to controlling a rodent population. However, we do not perform exclusion work (patching up holes, sealing soffits, etc).